Our people

Golar employs around 1,500 people and we are growing rapidly. We are an equal opportunities employer.

More than 1,200 of our people are employed in the operation of our vessels and facilities. Our project team is engaged in ground-breaking conversion work, transforming LNG carriers into FSRUs and FLNGs, as well as managing newbuild projects. Much of the work we do is complex and unique. As a result, we have chosen to bring all of our operations, project development, and associated support services in-house. We’re proud to be ‘one Golar’, strong and equipped for the future.

As a company we draw upon an array of partners around the world including yards, major suppliers and individual experts. Indirectly we employ thousands of good people all of whom are instrumental to our success.

We have an international workforce both at sea and on shore and have offices in the UK, Norway, Croatia, Malaysia, Brazil, and Cameroon. The Golar Group fleet comprises 26 manned vessels including seven permanently moored FSRU facilities in various countries, which also provide jobs for local people.

We aim to abide by a simple set of working principles:

  • We all work safely and keep others safe.
  • We all take responsibility and share accountability.
  • We are one team.
  • We are dynamic.
  • We are entrepreneurial.
  • We do everything professionally and with integrity.
  • We do technology that is fit for purpose.
  • We keep it simple.
  • We always stay positive and enjoy what we do.

Training and development

There is an overarching emphasis placed on health and safety in our industry and at Golar. Safety is the primary goal for every operation and project we engage in and there is an ingrained focus on training safety awareness amongst our people. We also recognise that the LNG industry as a whole has a particularly strong track record of safe operations and that this represents a key basis for the sustainability and attractiveness of LNG relative to other fuels. We therefore have a responsibility to learn from the experiences of our peers and competitors and to contribute to their learning too.

In addition to HSE Golar runs other initiatives including leadership training tailored for officers and shore-based managers. Our leadership programme emphasises the importance of being a role model, openness, knowing your people, caring about their well-being and treating them fairly. At Golar we emphasise the fact that all people are engaged for their competence and abilities, that they deserve respect, that they can speak out and be listened to and that everyone does their share. All of this underpins and contributes to the safety and the quality of our services and solutions.

We can only achieve our goals if our services and projects are delivered by competent and reliable people. This is why competence development is a cornerstone in our company.

In-depth know-how through competence development

In Golar, competence development means development of the knowledge and skills of our employees throughout their career with us. Competence development forms part of our operations planning and the direction and objectives are set to support the strategic objectives of the organisation.

How is competence developed at Golar?

We run a number of training courses internally and externally in addition to our ongoing focus on training safety awareness amongst our employees. We develop competence through:

  • Seminars and courses covering different business disciplines.
  • Company-specific training and development programmes (e.g. leadership)
  • Participation in development and newbuilding projects.
  • Job rotation through our industry engagement and networks.

Golar Seminar

We acknowledge that most learning occurs in the workplace. We therefore hold regular ‘lessons-learned’ sessions. We encourage people to discuss dilemmas and challenges to ensure that we draw on the widest possible pool of knowledge and experience.

Leaders play a significant role in competence development

Our leaders play a central role in competence development. They are focal points when performing operations planning, evaluating existing competence, identifying competence deficiencies, outlining development goals, as well as enabling and offering opportunities for development. At Golar we also believe that every one of us has an obligation to improve our potential and advocate our own development. We believe in personal long-term competence development plans.