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Directors and Executive Officers

Name Position
John Fredriksen Chairman
Kate Blankenship Director and Audit Committee Member
Tor Olav Trøim Director
Georgina Sousa Director and Company Secretary
Hans Petter Aas Director and Audit Committee Member

John Fredriksen (Chairman of the Board, President and Director)
John Fredriksen has served as the Chairman of the Board, President and a director of the Company since our inception in May 2001. He has been the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, President and a director of Frontline Ltd, or Frontline, since 1997. Frontline is a Bermuda based tanker owner and operator listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE). World Shipholding Ltd, our principal shareholder, is indirectly controlled by trusts established by John Fredriksen for the benefit of his immediate family. Mr. Fredriksen has been a director of Golden Ocean Group Limited, or Golden Ocean, a Bermuda company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and recently NYCE, since November 2004. Mr Fredriksen has served as a director and the Chairman of SeaDrill Limited, or SeaDrill, a Bermuda company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, since May 2005.

Kate Blankenship (Director and Audit Commitee member)
Kate Blankenship has served as a director since July 2003 and was Company Secretary from our inception in 2001 until November 2005. She served as our Chief Accounting Officer from May 2001 until May 31, 2003. She has been a director of Frontline since August 2003 and served as Chief Accounting Officer and Secretary of Frontline between 1994 and October 2005. Mrs. Blankenship has been Chief Financial Officer of Knightsbridge since April 2000 and was Secretary of Knightsbridge from December 2000 until March 2007. Mrs. Blankenship has served as a director of Ship Finance since July 2003, Seadrill since May 2005 and Golden Ocean since November 2004. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Tor Olav Trøim (Director)
Tor Olav Trøim has served as a director of the Company since September, 2011, having previously served as a director and vice-president of the Company from its incorporation in May 2001 until October 2009, after which time he served as a director and Chairman of the Company’s listed subsidiary, Golar LNG Energy Limited. Mr. Trøim graduated as M.Sc Naval Architect from the University of Trondheim, Norway in 1985. He was formerly an Equity Portfolio Manager with Storebrand ASA (1987-1990), and Chief Executive Officer for the Norwegian Oil Company DNO AS (1992-1995). Since 1995, Mr. Troim has been a director of Seatankers Management in Cyprus. Mr. Troim serves as a director of and Chairman of ITCL, a director of Seadrill Limited, Golden Ocean Group Limited, Golden State Petro (IOM I-A) Plc, Archer Limited, Golar LNG Partners LP and as an alternate director of Frontline Ltd.

Georgina E. Sousa (Director and Company Secretary)
Mrs. Sousa has served as Secretary of Golar and its subsidiaries since November 30, 2005. She is also Head of Corporate Administration for Frontline Ltd. Up until January 2007, she was Vice-President-Corporate Services of Consolidated Services Limited, having joined the firm in 1993 as Manager of Corporate Administration. Mrs. Sousa also serves as a director for Frontline Ltd, Frontline 2012 Ltd and Golden Ocean Group Limited.

Hans Petter Aas (Director and Audit Committee Member)
Hans Petter Aas has been a director of the Company since September 2008. Mr. Aas has a long career as banker in the international shipping and offshore market, and retired from his position as Global Head of the Shipping, Offshore and Logistics Division of DnB NOR Bank ASA ("DnB NOR") in August 2008. He joined DnB NOR (then Bergen Bank) in 1989, and has previously worked for the Petroleum Division of the Norwegian Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Energy, as well as for Vesta Insurance and Nevi Finance.


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